”VitalMenü” Regional products in school canteens (DE)

What is it all about?

The association Agrarmarketing Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (AMV) with partners from business, politics and administration – and with participation of children of different ages – has developed, cooked and tested a variety of tasty menus for school kitchens and caterers. The result of these activities is a collection of recipes as well as a database containing information about producers, suppliers and dealers.

There are clear quality criteria behind the development and use of the “VitalMenü”:

  • Use is always made of regional products, grown in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, processed or manufactured in the region
  • Use of seasonal and fresh products
  • The food selection is made according to the DGE-quality standards
  • Gentle preparation of food
  • Exclusion of products containing food flavor enhancer and artificial colourants


Why it is a Best Practice

The initiative is an example of a broad network of business, politics and administration, caterers, schools and stakeholders in the health sector such as e.g. health insurance.

The project contributes to improvement of good health among children and adolescents. Regionality, sustainability and health improvement are key words in the “VitalMenü” concept.

Stakeholders involved

Pupils, Students, School managers, Teachers, Kitchen staff, Parents, Food Producers (farmers & processors), Retailers and public health insurance.

For more information

Contact: Agrarmarketing Mecklenburg-Vorpommer e.V.
Mr. Jarste Weuffen managing director or Ms Kerstin Hintze, project officer,
Feldstraße 2, 18182 Bentwisch.
Mail: info@mv-ernaehrung.de. Phone: 0381-2523871

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