ToL in the Classroom (RO)

What is it all about?

In the spring of 2015, several classes on healthy food were taught to 10th grade high school students at Mihai Viteazul Technical College, in Oradea, Romania. The teaching activities focused on the awareness of the concepts of “healthy”, “unhealthy” and “regional”.

As part of the teaching, the teachers have created a handbook for these lessons including not only some basic theory but also various recipes stimulating students, who want to try for themselves to produce a healthy and local meal. Further, since the handbook appears in Romanian as well as in English language, it may also be used for developing the students’ language skills.
In the process of teaching ToL, the college also encourage pupils to have lunch in the school canteen. It welcomes criticism as well as good suggestions in order to improve canteen lunches.


Why it is a Best Practice?

The whole project aims towards encouraging healthy food in school canteens and so, the real beneficiaries of this project really are the students. It is important for them to be aware of the school’s efforts – and for the school to ask for their opinion.

Stakeholders involved

Pupils & students, School managers, Teachers

For more information

Contact:  Hontila Ramona, English teacher at Mihai Viteazul Technical College, Oradea, Bihor county, Romania

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Romanian ToL Handbook (.pdf)