The ECOTROPHELIA competition (RO)

What is it all about?

ECOTROPHELIA is an annual international contest for innovative and ecological food products, addressed to graduate, postgraduate and doctoral students.

Initially, the competition was organized under the patronage of the European Technology Platform “Food for Life”, and the contest has since gained a great popularity at the European level. Thus, in the last competition 18 teams of students were participating: Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, England, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Spain and Ukraine.

The national phase of the 2015 competition in Romania took place in Timisoara on May 25 and 26, where 4 students from the Faculty of Environmental Protection represented the University of Oradea.

The students took part in this competition with two innovative food products, that is Picked Plums and a Spicy Game Sauce made of fruits and vegetables. Some of the features that characterize these two new products are:

  • They are made of local food products only;
  • They present a solution for consuming local food products in a different form – even when it out of season;
  • The recipes use vegetables and fruits that are traditionally used and characteristically associated with our region.


Why it is a Best Practice

The ECOTROPHELIA answers to a challenge, which is common to all the European countries, namely the problem of bringing closer education and research communities within the field of food industry. Thus, it strengthen our ability to imagine and design high quality and environmentally friendly food products for the consumers.

The European competition is a good opportunity for these students to demonstrate their knowledge, creativity and innovative spirit in their future profession – which is one as a specialist in the food industry with a particular focus on the development of eco-innovative food products.


Stakeholders involved

Pupils & Students, School managers, Teachers, Kitchen Staff, Food producers.

For more information

Contact: University of Oradea
Faculty of Environmental Protection
Str. Universităţii nr. 1, Oradea, 410087, Bihor, Romania

Phone: +40 259 412550, Mobile: +40 745 302230

Mail: – national phase of the competition – video presentation of the Spicy Game Sauce