Teaching ToL

The ToL focus is on Change. Ahead lies a major challenge, which may partly be solved through efficient teaching and training in various learning environments involving children and adults, organizations and institutions, producers and suppliers, chefs and caterers, media and politicians.

Good teaching and training should always be prepared while taking into account the individuality of the participants. Same size doesn’t fit all! Still, the idea of sharing experiences is manifest in ToL, and the availability of teaching resources has been one of the aims of the project – and may be of some help for others, who would like to give it a try.


Find in the box to the right a number of teaching aids developed by ToL-partner, the Andreas Hermes Akademie in Bonn, Germany. It was tested by the partnership at a workshop staged in Oradea, Romania, in the Autumn 2015.

And most important: Do not hesitate to share your own experience on this site. Just contact us for further information and support on how to do it.


The ToL training resources are designed for multiplier events, where the organizers want to initiate projects and activities concerning health and regional food in school-canteens. The training content covers a number of important topics such as:

  • Current state of health and eating habits
  • SWOT analyses of the situation in schools in different regions of Europe and for different target groups
  • Recommended standard of healthy food in schools
  • Vision, goals and strategies of healthy and regional food in schools for each region
  • Implementation of change processes, phases, difficulties and chances
  • Methodology to accompany changes: motivation of participants – “make affected persons to involved persons”;
  • Communication tools
  • Networking