”SchmExperten” (DE)

The Association of Countrywomen in cooperation with pupils and teachers in schools

What is it all about?

“Between whole meal bread and chocolate bars – we make children feel how good food tastes”. An initiative of the Association of Countrywomen and the AID for working with schools and kindergartens. A nice play with various German words: “zu schmecken” (to taste), experts and “experimentieren” (to experiment) = “SchmExperten”. Initiated in 2014, now the project starts for the second season.

From May 2013, countrywomen are already working nationwide as external specialists at secondary schools together with teachers. More than 5.000 children have been trained by the SchmExperten of Germany.

The project is providing:

  • Trained teachers as so-called SchmeExperts
  • Educational material for teaching on how to become future SchmeExperts


Why it is a Best Practice

The countrywomen offer their help to schools because of:

  • The growing awareness for good, regional and balanced food;
  • A need of learning material for everyone, who is interested to become a ”SchmExpert”.

Stakeholders involved

Pupils, Students, School managers, Teachers, Kitchen staff, Parents, Food Producers (farmers & processors),

For more information

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