What is ToL – Taste of Life

“The overall aim of ToL is to contribute to better and healthier meals in schools and to promote the use of regional products.”

In many European countries, young consumers do not have healthy eating habits. This has serious consequences in terms of obesity, diabetes, much too early problems with heart and body. The problems are increasing.

Meals prepared in schools are not always balanced. Many students do not have even basic knowledge on health and nutrition. Ingredients used for school meals are sometimes not very good. Shortsighted economic considerations sometimes overrule knowledge of what is good and bad for young people’s physical and mental health.

Change is needed!

In order to contribute to this change, the Taste of Life consortium of 10 partners in 6 European countries has been granted funding for a 2-year running project, funded by Erasmus+. Schools, universities and various expert institutions within nutrition, entrepreneurship, communication and … change … are represented in the partnership.

This website is the product of the ToL – Taste of Life project. The partners have collected best practices in terms of healthy and local food. It has developed and tested training materials. They have organized so-called Communities of Practice – small, locally based networks focusing on how to affect or provoke change.

You are welcome to join! But change is not easy. Revolutions never are!