”REKO” Local Food Groups Online (FI)

What is it all about?

The idea behind the REKO local food groups is quite simple: The consumer buys products directly from the producers without any go-betweens. REKO specializes in using social media in order to organize the cooperation and communication between consumers and farmers. The concept is free of charge for everyone and requires only a minimum of organization. The main rules are:

  • Only local products from farmers (producers) are delivered to the consumer without intermediary merchants
  • The products are pre-ordered and delivered to the meeting point, where they are picked up by the consumers
  • Same time, same place … once a week

REKO img

Why it is a Best Practice

It´s a modern type of Farmers market. Consumer and producers come together and cooperate around a common goal , i.e. a Food Assambly.

Stakeholders involved

Parents, Food producers, Consumers

For more information

Contact: Päivi Töyli, Nationwide project coordination, University of Turku, Brahea Centre, Finland
Phone: +358 40 189 1929
Mail: paivi.toyli@utu.fi

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