Oradea CTMV Regional Multiplier Event, Romania

“Mihai Viteazul” Technical College, Oradea, Romania represented by Prof. PhD Filimon Ruben, the national coordinator of the Taste of Life Erasmus + Project, Prof. Mela Delia, national manager of the project and Prof. Hontila Ramona, member in the project, organized on the 20th of April 2016 a Regional Multiplier Event in the conference room at Continental Forum in Oradea.


There were members of the press present, both local and national. The organizers gave TV interviews on Realitatea TV and radion interviews on Radio Romania Actualitati. We also had a representative of written and on-line media, cf. http://ovidan.ro/?p=articles.details.13307.

The participants were ecological producers, mayors, farmers, canteen administrators, school and kindergarten headmasters. There were 48 participants. The event began by a short introduction made by prof. Filimon Ruben then Prof. Mela Delia made an interesting approach to the project through a simple exercise of imagination and creativity asking the participants to view themselves through the perspective of an apple. The response of the participants was extraordinary, they pointed out those characterisitics of the apple that make the foundation of the whole project: healthy, regional, ecological, great vitamins etc. Prof. Hontila Ramona made a presentation of the activities done in the project at school level: interactive lessons, the ToL brochure and an experiment to point out the necessity of practical approach when discussing healthy and unhealthy products. Everyone knows that cola drinks have a lot of sugar but no one on the auditorium could approximate correctly the amount of sugar in a 330ml can of cola (8 teaspoons). The impact on students is greater if we demonstrate as well as discuss.


We invited two key speakers, Mr. Avram Fitiu, the general secretary of the National Federation of Ecological Agriculture and Mr. Andrei Taichis, the president of the Federation of Ecological Agriculture Bihor County. They both had very interesting information to bring to our attention, Mr. Fitiu being actively involved in bringing ecological products closer to the public and he stressed out the importance of education of small children towards a healthy lifestyle, considering that by the age of 10-12 the eating habits are formed and difficult to change.  Mr. Andrei Taichis, owns an animal farm in Lelesti, Bihor County, he presented his offer and the difficulties he encounters when dealing with school canteens. They both underlined the importance of bringing kindergarten and primary school children to the farm, getting them to understand and experience farm life and thus bringing their parents closer to this lifestyle. In Mr. Fitiu’s opinion, this is the key to improving the public’s lifestyle.

All participants were offered a bag of ecological products from Mr. Tachis’ farm (gem and syrup) and after the presentations, we all had lunch at Continental Forum restaurant. It was an event that brought together, in a relaxed atmosphere, people who can make ToL happen.