Milk for Schools – Action and teaching materials on milk and dairy products (DE)

What is it all about?

This example of public distribution of milk to schoolchildren is based on an initiative of the dairy farmers and their organizations in Niedersachsen in Germany for working with schools and kindergartens.

The dairy organizations provide:

  • Teaching material on milk, for instance on its nutritional importance and value, the milk production chain, making different kind of milk products;
  • Information that is targeted for specific age groups.


Why it is a Best Practice

The dairy farmers and their associations offer their help to schools regarding:

  • Rising awareness of good, regional and well-balanced food
  • Well prepared material for everyone, who is interested

Stakeholders involved

Pupils & Students, School managers, Teachers, Kitchen Staff, Parents and Food producers

For more information

Landesvereinigung der Milchwirtschaft Niedersachsen e.V., Seelhorststraße 4
30175 Hannover

Phone: 0511. 8565 3-0
Fax: 0511. 85653-98

Look for more details

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