Interactive food map (CZ)

”Taste nice in the South Bohemian Style”, Czech Republic

Interactive food map

What is it all about?

It´s an interactive  food map where the map connects local producers and consumers of commodities and food. The aim with the map is to place on the market particularly fresh and seasonal food from local production in the South Bohemian school canteens and improve the eating habits of children and youth. The project is supported by the Regional Agrarian Chamber of the South Bohemian Region with a mark of quality “Taste nice in the South Bohemian Style”.
Why it is a Best Practice

This is so far an unique attempt to link school canteens and food producers in the Czech Republic.

Stakeholders involved

School managers, Kitchen staff, Food producers, Retailers

For more information

Contact: Prof. Moudrý University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic
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