Healthy School Canteens (NL)

What is it all about?

“We, at the Koning Willem I College in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, have taken part in the ”Healthy School” program, that is we filled in a checklist in which we showed what products we sell in our canteens”, tells Rob de Vrind and continues: “The checklist shows how healthy our assortment is. When we analyze the results, we can provide recommendations for change.” In addition, consultants from Healthy Schools in Holland came along and checked the canteens. They made an evaluation report and provided recommendations. If we follow these recommendations, only 25 % of the products we sell are not healthy and we can get a certificate as a ”Healthy canteen”.

The Healthy School is a Dutch support program for secondary education (VO) and secondary vocational education (MBO). It provides schools with practical tools to create a healthier school canteen. The program is based on the Healthy School Method and on an integrated approach. This means, that a school not only improves the canteen, but also – in lessons and other activities – strengthens the attention to healthier life styles.
The Netherlands Nutrition Centre and the Health Service provide support. Healthy School is funded by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS).

healthy school canteens

Why is it a Best Practice?

It is determined what is healthy food and what not. It provides practical recommendations and shows the way how to become a ”Healthy canteen”.

Stakeholders involved

School managers, Kitchen staff.

For more information

Contact: Rob de Vrind, Koning Willem I College, Netherlands, at: or phone: +31-63-389-1750

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