”Haver til Maver” – From Gardens to Bellies (DK)

What is it all about?

“Haver til Maver” (literally: “From Gardens to Bellies”) is a nationwide non-profit organization that works to strengthen primarily children and young people’s commitment to sustainability, food culture and health.

Practical teaching takes place in the school garden at Krogerup Avlsgaard, in the gardens of Bernstorff Palace in Gentofte Municipality, and through a wide range of local associations across the country. A total of 20 municipalities are affiliated with the “Haver til Maver” teaching activities. And every year more than 8.000 children, mostly in grade 4 to 6, get their hands dirty in what is called the “Earth’s Best classroom!”

Haver til Maver is an educational concept developed to give Danish children a good understanding of where food is coming from. Children aged 9 to 12 spend 8 school days in their local school garden from April to October. Here, they learn about the natural cycle, photosynthesis, edible gardens, cooking and healthy eating.

Children sow, grow, cultivate and harvest their own vegetables. Afterwards they cook their vegetables in the outdoor kitchen and turn their vegetables into a healthy and tasteful meal.

Connected to the “Haver til Maver” concept is “Mit Kokkeri” (“My cookery”), which is a universe of cooking developed to let the children rule the kitchen and do the cooking. Children aged 10 to 15 take part in “Mit Kokkeri” during school hours as well as at home. School children are given a cookbook with good and popular recipes. The concept is meant as an inspiration to all children. It is a useful tool if you want the children to take charge in the kitchen. So far, 170.000 children has received the book.

Another offspring of “Haver til Maver” is the project “BoGro”, which – in the light of experience with start-up of three community gardens and kitchen activities – must develop new ways of neighborliness and good life in cities.

“Haver til Maver” was established in 2006 by rural innovator and entrepreneur, Mr. Søren Ejlersen from the company “Årstiderne” (“The Seasons”), which deliver on a weekly basis locally produced organic vegetables and other food ingredients to thousands of Danish households using the Internet as the primary platform for all kinds of consumer contact. In the board of “Haver til Maver” you will also find the creator of world famous restaurant, Noma, master chef René Redzepi.

The projects are supported by the Nordea Foundation.


Why it is a Best Practice

These operations all make full use of modern electronic communication platforms such as highly professional websites and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.)

Stakeholders involved

Pupils, Students, School managers, Teachers, Kitchen staff, Parents, Food Producers (farmers & processors),

For more information

“Haver til Maver” web: http://havertilmaver.dk/


Project Manager, Tove Preisler
Phone: +45 53 62 30 22

Look for more details

“Haver til Maver” on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HAVER-TIL-MAVER-231034770361/
”Mit Kokkeri” web: http://mitkokkeri.dk/
”Mit Kokkeri” on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mitkokkeri
”Årstiderne” web: https://www.aarstiderne.com/