Gemüse ackerdemie (DE)

What is it all about?

Basically, the Gemüse Ackerdemie is an academy for showing children in kindergarten, pupils and students how food grows and how it is grown. A group of innovative young farmers has built this academy for working with schools and kindergartens so that the children can grow/farm their own food.

The notion of “Ackerdemie” plays on the German words for “field” (Acker) and “academy” (Akademie)


Why it is a Best Practice?

The Gemüse Ackerdemie is considered a best practice for several reasons:

  • Growing vegetables can take place in the vicinity of the school ,that in a field owned by the school or belonging to a nearby farmer
  • It teaches the teachers on how to work with the children, when it comes to the topic of local food and healthy food
  • It teaches the children how food is grown
  • It builds up the network between schools and farmers
  • It is easy to understand and implement in the school system, when the Ackerdemie team is cooperating as a partner with the school


Stakeholders involved

Pupils & Students, School managers, Teachers, Kitchen staff, Parents, Food producers

For more information

Contact: Ackerdemia e.V., Prager Strasse 19, 14482 Potsdam, Germany.

Phone: 0163-254 11 09


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