Environmental Review – Healthy Food (RO)

What is it all about?

An environmental review is an application of a questionnaire to pupils in the school, so that they become aware of their eating habits – and of the need for change.

The results of the questionnaire can be a signal for parents, school administrators and kitchen staff that something must change regarding the nutrition of children.


Why it is a Best Practice

The questionnaire is a tool in creating awareness of the need for change in case the results will highlight the unhealthy habits of eating fast food, drinks, sweets etc.

Here is a link to the questionnaire


Stakeholders involved

Pupils, Students, School managers, Teachers, Kitchen staff, Parents

For more information

Contact: Centrul Carpato-Danubian de Geoecologie (CCDG) in Romania.
Mail: ccdgro@gmail.com. Phone/Fax: 031-410-35-24

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