Feeling inspired? What to do next?

Implementing the Taste of Life concept in your own organization means change … Are you ready for that?

Change is a process, however, not an event. But change is also a highly personal experience, which entails personal growth. Still, organizations do not change until the individuals within them change. We know, that well planned interventions reduce the challenges of change. And that leadership is essential for long-term change success.

Networking is one way to strengthen your motivation. And ToL is an open network for you to profit from. That might be the first – or the next step!

Contact the ToL project?

A website cannot cover all aspects of change towards more healthy and more local food in our schools and educational institutions. And there might be aspects of ToL you may wish to know more about. If so, please, contact us. Find contact details in the box to the right.

Interested in setting up a Community of Practise?

Setting up local Communities of Practise may be one method to facilitate change. Do not hesitate to contact one or more of the existing COPs for inspiration or more information on our experiences. Find the details to the right.

ToL project partners

ToL project partners

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